A Dancer’s Rendition, Then a Dancer’s Pain

I just got back home from dance practice and I realized the feeling of some kind of kink in my lower back. I then rubbed it to see if there was any kind of bump or anything and realized there was nothing. It was just a sharp kind of pain, and in reaching for the kink I started cramping up on my sides. I figured I probably need to stretch and hydrate more to prevent this from happening later, because I have been putting forth great effort during practice.

After a couple of more practices and full day’s of hydration and stretching, I realized the pain is still occurring from time to time. I really needed to know what was going on, so I asked a friend. She recommended I try London sex and they may be able to help, and she was right. Their massages helped me immensely, and I am able to go on with my days after practice without any pain. I will definitely be making some more visits to prevent my muscles from tensing up.

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